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Are you a Star Blogger? Looking for ideas, help, support, or to simply make a bit more money from your blog?

It doesn’t matter what you blog about (as long as it isn’t illegal or in poor taste!), we have a large number of brands, advertisers and specialists that are willing to help. In the last 5 years, we have created over 100 great blogs, monetised twice as many, and helped countless others to make the most out of their blogging, whether its part time, full time, or as a hobby.

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Hirebloggers.co.uk provides a unique match making service, connecting brands with influential online writers.

From blogger engagement to support a new product or service, to recruiting writers to increase brand awareness, we will produce a bespoke creative campaign to meet your individual business objectives.

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How We Can Help

Advice on making the most of your blog.

From marketing tips, building your readership, lists, social media and SEO

How We Can Help

Making Money From your Blog

Helping you make the most of your blog advertising, getting your services and website in front of the right advertisers as well as helping you maximise your current streams. In addition, trying to get you free previews and sneak peeks at the latest stuff from brands and businesses for you to review and keep.

Making Money From your Blog

Meet likeminded bloggers

Connecting you to people that work in similar or complimentary niches. Regular meet ups in your area. Advice from other bloggers who make a living out of blogging, or at least do well enough out of it.

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